50 International Students Share their Experiences of Chongqing’s New Development in Building the Belt and Road Initiative

The Zhigong Party Yubei District Working Committee, in collaboration with the International Education College of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and the Yubei District European and American Alumni Association, jointly organized the “2023 Belt and Road Initiative Study Tour in Yubei” event. The event invited 50 international students from 14 countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, including Thailand, Laos, Albania, and Uzbekistan, to visit Yubei and experience the new achievements in its development by visiting the Yubei Exhibition Hall and the Chongqing Xiantao International Big Data Valley.

The Yubei Exhibition Hall is a comprehensive urban exhibition center that integrates the Local Chronicles Museum, Party History Museum, Archives Museum, and Planning Museum. It showcases not only the urban characteristics, historical culture, and humanistic spirit of Yubei, but also the high-quality economic and social development process of the district. The international students showed great interest in the exhibition of Bashu culture and local customs in the hall, and they were also very concerned about the planning and development of Yubei. They frequently took out their phones to record and share with their peers.

Afterwards, the international students visited the Chongqing Xiantao International Big Data Valley, a park focusing on characteristic industries such as big data, software information, and automotive electronics, driven by data. They had a detailed understanding of the construction process, industrial planning, and technological achievements of the data valley, and personally experienced the charm of technology in the new era.

“As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing.’ Through this field visit today, I have felt the rapid development of digital Chongqing,” said Leka Ramazan, a doctoral student in Human Rights Law at Southwest University of Political Science and Law from Albania. He and his classmates have developed a connection with China through educational exchanges, and the Belt and Road Initiative has opened a window for everyone to China’s global outlook.

According to the officials of the Zhigong Party Yubei District Working Committee, the “Study Tour in Yubei” event for international students will continue. In the future, more activities will be organized to help international students in Yubei perceive and understand China’s development correctly and comprehensively, and experience the charm of Yubei.

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