Be Our Social Media Promoter, New Policy, More Benefit

Benefits:🧧Earn Money!✨Obtain authorization from ScholarshipChina, gain greater trust from your students.
⭐Gain valuable experience, boost your career prospects.
💪Get more Study-in-China advertising materials.

1.What is it?

What You Will Get:

We will grant the Social Media Promoter a letter of authorization and display it in the form of a photo album on our official overseas social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram), showcasing the Promoter’s nationality, name, and contact information.








This will help you gain the trust of students more easily. It shows that you have been certified by ScholarshipChina, the biggest application platform in China.

Social Media Promoter Photo Album on Facebook

56000 Fans

We will also give you our cooperative universities’ introduction video and scholarship list, advertising pictures monthly. This will help you get more posting materials.

2.Which Platforms Can You Promote On?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or other local social media of your country.

3.How to Join?
Contact ScholarshipChina Consultant to sign up:We will provide you with a minimum of 16 promotional materials (videos, images) with our logo each month. Please publish these materials on your social media platforms.These promotional materials will help you to recruit students.When apply for these students through us, we will pay you commission.After you submit your student application on our website www.schoolshipchina. com, we will provide you with an authorization letter and display your information on our official social media.
If you have not submitted your application for three consecutive months, we will remove your information from our official social media.Commission Policy:1.10%service fee of the student (from the second application)2. Commission will be paid monthly


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