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Scholarship Detail

01 Basic Information
Majors & ID:
Mechanical Engineering BME24041112670
Control Science and Engineering BME24041112671
Bioengineering BME24041112672
Chemistry BME24041112673
Industrial Economics BME24041112674
Textile Science and Engineering BME24041112675
Applied Mechanics and Structural Engineering BME24041112676
Physical Education BME24041112677
Degree: 3 years of Master course
Intake: 2024 Autumn
City: Wuhu, Anhui
Teaching Language: English
Age (years old): 18 to 35
Application deadline: Aug 01,2024
Due to the large number of applicants, this program is currently not open to students from the following countries: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,Sultanate of Oman,State of Palestine,Syrian Arab Repubilc,Republic of Yemen,Republic of Iraq,Islamic Republic of Iran,Somali Republic,Republic of Lebanon,The Democratic Republic of the Congo,The Republic of South Sudan
Whether accept students who have ever been to China: Yes
Acceptable student’s current location: unlimited
Score requirements: Score over 70%.


02 Scholarship Policy
Original tuition fee: 20,000 RMB/year.
Original accommodation fee: 3500 RMB/year (Single room).
1) University Scholarship (1st academic year):
Free tuition fee. (Score over 70%)
2) Provincial Government Scholarship (1st academic year):
Free tuition fee, with a stipend of 400 RMB/month, 10 months for one year. (Score over 85% or GPA>3.4)
Quota: 3 students, who meet the performance standard. First come, first served.
1. These two scholarships can not be awarded at the same time.
2. For the following two years, applicants are likely to be granted with Provincial government scholarship (about 10%, 30,000 RMB/year), or University scholarship with 10,000-20,000 RMB/year on competitive basis (about 80%).


03 Application documents
• Passport-sized Photo
• Passport ID Page
• Academic Transcripts (scanned color copy)
• Highest Degree Diploma (scanned color copy) (Students having not graduated should submit proof from their schools.)
• Foreigner Physical Examination Form (The original must be presented for registration.)
• English Language Proficiency Certificate (English taught majors: IELTS ≥ 6.0 or TOEFL ≥ 60 or other English proficiency certificates.)
• Bank Statement with Details (At least 50,000 RMB or equivalent.)
• University Application Form
• Study Plan (At least 800 words in Chinese or English.)
• Two Letters of Recommendation (Two Letters of Recommendation by professors or associate professors.)
• Residence Permit (Applicants in China need a valid visa or residence permit.)
• Study Certificate in China (If you have studied in China need Study Certificate and Transcript.)
• Handwritten Signature
• Others (Published papers or achievements, award certificates in sports and arts competitions and contests (including but not limited).)

How is the Uni?

The university has 18 secondary colleges and continuing education colleges, including the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. Relying on new engineering majors such as robotics engineering, data science and big data technology, artificial intelligence, and intelligent science and technology, it is the first college of artificial intelligence in Anhui Province.

It has won many honors and has been approved by the Ministry of Education for 183 industry-university cooperation and collaborative education projects; there are 13 national, provincial and school-level industrial colleges, among which the Robot Modern Industrial College is the first batch of modern industrial colleges in the country, and the Automobile Modern Industrial College is the first in the province; it has built a national off-campus practical education base for college students, and will be selected as a national innovation and entrepreneurship education practice base in 2022, etc.

The school often organizes various traditional cultural experience activities: international students from Asia and Africa make rice dumplings with the elderly in the community to experience the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival; international students learn about Hanfu culture and understand the significance of various aspects of Chinese traditional weddings, such as the fan, exchange of tokens, and three bows; international students learn Chinese calligraphy and immerse themselves in the charm of traditional Chinese culture, which increases their interest in calligraphy learning. The school allows international students to learn Chinese culture through practical experience, feel and spontaneously fall in love with Chinese culture, and jointly promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture to the world.

How to Apply?
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