Fifty International Students Gather at Wuhan University to Discuss Smart Manufacturing and Experience the Charm of the River City

On December 16th, the “Perceive China – Wuhan Tour” event, hosted by the China Scholarship Council and organized by Wuhan University, kicked off at the Luojia Mountain to give international students studying in China an insight into Wuhan and a taste of Chinese culture. Fifty students from ten universities, including Beihang University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central South University, South China University of Technology, and others, actively participated in the event.

In the morning of the 16th, the “Perceive China – Wuhan Tour” event held the “Wisdom Luojia” doctoral forum with a focus on the theme “Guiding High-Quality Development with Intelligent Manufacturing.” The Secretary of the Party Committee of the International Education Institute of Wuhan University, Lei Shifu, expressed his hopes for the participating international students to develop strong skills, scale scientific peaks, enhance mutual learning, tell compelling Chinese stories, and contribute to building a community with a shared future for humanity.

Professor Hu Yaowu from the Institute of Industrial Science and the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering at Wuhan University delivered a keynote speech on “Intelligent Manufacturing: Opportunities for International and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.” Starting from the historical evolution of human tool usage, he elaborated on the development, basic principles, and research progress in the field of intelligent manufacturing in a clear and insightful manner. He emphasized that intelligent manufacturing presents opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaboration, asserting that only through collaboration can global issues like climate change, energy, water resources, waste, and others be addressed effectively.

Representatives of international students from various universities presented and exchanged ideas on topics such as the use of computational technology in energy conversion and storage, redox flow batteries, intelligent manufacturing and manufacturing as a service, collective intelligence in 3D printing factories, deep learning in intelligent manufacturing, and internet security for data transmission.

In the afternoon, the students visited the Deere Laser Technology Park. The responsible personnel introduced the basic principles of lasers, laser processing technology and applications, the development of the laser industry in Wuhan, as well as an overview and future trends of the photovoltaic industry. Witnessing the laser equipment complete processes in just 0.6 seconds, the students exclaimed, “It’s amazing!” Discussions revolved around the application of the photovoltaic industry in the Middle East and Africa, levels of technological self-reliance, and more. The students expressed their satisfaction with the academic exchanges during the visit, feeling inspired and enriched by the firsthand experiences.

Throughout the “Perceive China – Wuhan Tour,” the students also visited the root of Wuhan city – the Panlongcheng Ruins, toured the Xinhai Revolution Museum, ascended the Yellow Crane Tower, and glimpsed the Yangtze River Bridge.

The organizers aimed for the international students to genuinely experience the progress and development of China’s high-tech in Wuhan. By immersing themselves in Wuhan’s history and culture, they aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the authentic and multifaceted China, intending to share their thoughts and experiences with a wider audience. They aspired to actively contribute to promoting mutual understanding among people and act as ambassadors bridging friendships between China and the world.

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