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Kazakhstan—— Land of Wild Tulips

As the world’s largest landlocked country, Kazakhstan spans across two continents, Asia and Europe, with vast and sparsely populated land. The total area of Kazakhstan is 2.7249 million square kilometers, ranking ninth in the world. As of early March 2023, the country’s population exceeds 19.8 million. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana, and the official languages are Kazakh and Russian. Kazakhstan is the initiator and vital hub of the “Silk Road Economic Belt.”

Kyrgyzstan:——Little Switzerland

Kyrgyzstan, with its beautiful natural environment, numerous mountains, and lakes, has earned the nickname “Little Switzerland of Central Asia” and attracts millions of tourists globally every year. The country covers an area of 199,900 square kilometers, characterized by mountains, with an average elevation of 2750 meters. About 90% of the territory is above 1500 meters in altitude, experiencing a continental climate. As of April 2023, Kyrgyzstan has a population of approximately 7 million, with over 80 ethnic groups, and more than 80% of the residents follow Islam. Kyrgyz is the official language, and Russian is also an official language.

Tajikistan——Land of Soaring Eagles

Tajikistan is situated in the southeastern part of Central Asia, bordered by China to the east, Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, and Kyrgyzstan to the north. With a land area of 143,100 square kilometers, it is the smallest country in Central Asia. Tajikistan is often referred to as the “Land of High Mountains,” with over 90% of its territory covered by mountains.

Turkmenistan——Crossroads of Seven Roads

Turkmenistan is located in the southwestern part of Central Asia, an inland country sharing borders with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to the north and northeast, along the Caspian Sea to the west with views across to Azerbaijan and Russia, bordered by Iran to the south, and sharing a southeastern border with Afghanistan. The capital is Ashgabat.

Uzbekistan——The Country of Four Golds

Uzbekistan is a “double landlocked” country in the heart of Central Asia, surrounded by land and with all five neighboring countries also being landlocked. The country covers an area of 448,900 square kilometers, bordered to the south by Afghanistan, to the north and northeast by Kazakhstan, and connected to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the east and southeast. To the west, it shares a border with Turkmenistan, experiencing a dry continental climate.

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