Is it necessary to study Chinese Language for studying MBBS in China?

Students willing to Study MBBS in China usually are frightened of the Chinese language, as also advertised by some education consultants. How far true is this Chinese language problem? Is it compulsory to study Chinese language for studying MBBS in China? ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT!’ is the simplest answer to this question.

First of all, please note that it is absolutely compulsory and essential for you to learn Chinese language, no matter you’re traveling to Study MBBS in China or any other major. There’s no avoiding learning the Chinese language. Let me now support my argument with reasons:

China is a nation that speaks, writes, and reads Chinese. English is not their official language, nor a language that is widely spoken. Now, in comparison, let’s look at Pakistan for a minute. Even though Pakistan was a British Colony in the past, English is still not widely spoken in Pakistan. Do you think taxi drivers or shopkeepers in Pakistan speak English, even though Pakistan’s official language is English – No, right? Why do you then expect taxi drivers and shopkeepers in China to speak English when neither is English their native language nor their official language? Even if you study MBBS in Russia or Tajikistan or any other country, the general public there will not be speaking English to you. You will still have to learn their local language for everyday communication.

Similarly, in China, for your own comfortable living and convenience, it is essential for you to learn Chinese language. This will make it easy for you to indulge and communicate with the Chinese in everyday life. It will also help you better understand their culture.

Being a medic, you will obviously need to conduct your rotations at hospitals during your studies. The patients you interact with at the hospital also belong to China. They will be describing their illness to you in Chinese, not English. The history taking will also be carried out in Chinese. How would you do that if you do not understand the Chinese language? The entire experience for the patient being with you will be a nightmare, apart from being a nightmare for you.

Do you think history taking in Germany, France, Russia, etc. is carried out in English? Do you think patients communicate to their doctors in these countries in English? ABSOLUTELY NOT’ is again the answer. They use German, French, and Russian to communicate with their doctors and expect the same in return from their doctors. Hence, we once again come to the same conclusion that it is important and compulsory for you to learn Chinese language if you wish to Study MBBS in China.

You can find different opportunities for yourself when in China, mostly if you have knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture. Without knowing the language, you will not be able to communicate with the locals, nor will the locals be able to communicate with you – thus shutting down any possibilities for you to avail the opportunities which may have been presented to you had you been speaking and understanding the Chinese language. It is thus highly recommended by Web Consultants to learn the Chinese language and the Chinese culture well. This will lead to a successful, convenient, and comfortable life of yours in China.

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