iStudy Invited to Attend the Cooperation Signing Ceremony between Cangzhou Technical College and Mongolia’s National 23rd High School

On November 6, 2023, Wang Liang, the General Manager of iStudy Education Group, was invited to attend the signing ceremony (offline ceremony) between Cangzhou Technical College and Mongolia’s National 23rd School, witnessing once again the deepening collaboration and joint prospects of the two institutions.

Yang Jingli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Cangzhou Technical College, along with Meng Hongwu, Party Committee Member and Vice President, and relevant teachers from the International Education and Exchange Department, joined the meeting. From Mongolia’s National 23rd School, Principal Oyunsuren, Director of Academic Affairs Choidogjargal, Sports Group Leader Odoma, and Chinese consultant Jiang Zhimei participated. Vice President Meng Hongwu presided over the meeting.

Initially, President Yang Jingli introduced the basic profile of Cangzhou Technical College, highlighting the collaborative establishment of the overseas skills training base with Mongolia’s National 23rd School as a pivotal point for the development of the college’s international cooperation projects. Both institutions expressed their commitment to continue collaborating, mutual learning, supporting each other, deepening cooperation, and fostering mutual development.

Principal Oyunsuren presented an overview of Mongolia’s National 23rd School, its educational philosophy, and basic information. Since the establishment of neighborly trust and partnership between China and Mongolia in 2003, the political mutual trust between the two nations has been strengthening continuously. Economic and trade cooperation has rapidly progressed, and exchanges and collaborations in various fields have become increasingly active, contributing positively to peace and development in the region. The hope was expressed for mutual learning and progress among students of both countries, leveraging the advantages of collaborative education to facilitate the exchange of high-quality educational resources.

General Manager Wang Liang from iStudy Education Group expressed confidence that, through collective efforts, the collaborative project would continuously flourish, becoming an exemplary model for Sino-Mongolian international educational friendly exchanges, benefiting a larger number of students.

After extensive discussions, Cangzhou Technical College and Mongolia’s National 23rd School officially signed the cooperation agreement for the overseas skills training base.

Under the thoughtful arrangement of Cangzhou Technical College, the delegation from Mongolia’s National 23rd School visited various facilities such as the Huawei ICT Training Center, Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center, Smart Animal Husbandry Training Center, and the Vehicle Engineering Department’s Training Center. Subsequently, they enjoyed captivating martial arts and acrobatics performances at the college’s Martial Arts and Acrobatics Institute. Principal Oyunsuren highly praised traditional Chinese martial arts and acrobatics, expressing admiration for the advanced facilities, innovative development concepts, and vast prospects of Cangzhou Vocational and Technical College’s vocational education. He eagerly anticipated future collaborations with the college.

This exchange deepened mutual trust and understanding between the two institutions, opening up new avenues for collaborative exchange and contributing actively to the advancement of Sino-foreign cooperative education and the cultivation of more outstanding talents.

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