iStudy Visited Nanjing Tech University for Discussion and Exchange

On the morning of October 26, 2023, the General Manager of iStudy Education Group, Wang Liang, and his team visited Nanjing Tech University for an exchange. Wang Liang, COO of iStudy Education Group, along with relevant leaders from Nanjing Tech University’s Overseas Education College, including Secretary Wan Yongmin, convened an offline discussion meeting regarding cooperation in recruiting international students, optimizing enrollment processes, interpreting platform settlement projects, and introducing the informationization system for foreign education.

Both parties reached a consensus on collaborative student recruitment, showing ongoing interest in the settlement of the international student platform and continuous communication concerning the informationization system for foreign education.

During the meeting, Secretary Wan Yongmin of Nanjing Tech University’s Overseas Education College warmly welcomed the visit by iStudy Education Group. Initially, Secretary Wan Yongmin presented real-time data about Nanjing Tech University’s enrollment plan and policies. To enhance enrollment scale and quality, the university planned to optimize the enrollment process and collaboration.

Additionally, Director Dong Fei highlighted pertinent issues in the current enrollment process, expressing hopes for corresponding solutions from iStudy to strengthen their cooperation in recruiting international students. Lastly, Secretary Wan Yongmin conveyed expectations for future collaborations in foreign education projects.

Wang Liang, the General Manager of iStudy Education Group, introduced the company’s development history, business scope, overall recommendations for international students coming to China over the years, as well as the promotional activities and cooperation status with other partner universities. Responding to Nanjing Tech University’s aspirations for the development of international student enrollment, feasible and effective proposals were presented while extending a sincere cooperation invitation.

During the meeting, both sides analyzed and discussed the interpretation of the settlement project for international student platforms, optimization suggestions for enrollment processes, and an introduction to the informationization system for foreign education.

Post-meeting, both parties aimed to collaborate further in areas such as international student enrollment, striving for mutually beneficial outcomes, resource sharing, and collaborative growth to contribute significantly to the development of the international student industry. The university remains committed to implementing the strategy of cultivating talents for international student enrollment, focusing on enhancing students’ abilities in international communication and innovation through a series of entrepreneurial activities, ultimately fostering globally competitive talents.

Finally, Nanjing Tech University extended a warm welcome once more to the team from iStudy Education Group, hoping that through this collaboration, they could achieve greater heights together.

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