My Story—AHSAN MAQBOOL’s experiences in China

August 27, 2016, I arrived in Xuzhou international airport and welcomed by my mentor at airport which was unprecedented, surprising and overwhelming for me. First few weeks were hard for me to adjust here intermesh of food, culture, communication barrier, dormitory environment and other little chores. Though, Pakistan is next door to China but we don’t common things as cultural norms, belief or living lifestyle except friendship between two countries which is known as “Iron Brother or “巴铁”. I used to eat cookies for my nutritional needs before accustomed to Chinese food.


Living in china and don’t know about tea history along with Taijiquan, how’s it possible. For each occasion, has special tea carrying strong association with Buddhism, which is deeply embedded with Chinese culture. This has footprint in every person regardless of age even in modern China. I have participated in few sessions of Taijiquan which has given to improved my concentration and vision along with mediation.


My travelling in China is limited to around 15 cities inclusive to tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an and others, which are fascinating and vibrant places to experience the beautiful integration of ancient-modern China lifestyle in urban vicinity. Besides, the beautiful countryside and unique local traditions that much is China famed for, to carving the deeper cultural immersion. My journal would be incomplete without taste of local food that’s cheap, varied and flavor able which is best things, name few Peking duck, hotpot, beef noodles etc.



Socializing with my international community was quite easy at the start, and which was fun and good times guaranteed. However, socializing with local students seemed to be more, perhaps dint of communication barrier or hectic classes schedule. Anyway, I have bridged this gap by taking initiative to joining community services first time by visiting special education school in December 2016, later I went there once a year. Which further leads to joins English Club, volunteer participation (long list) especially at the eve of 110 university of CUMT, and sports and outdoor activities with local students.


During my stay in CUMT, I liked my teachers, I got along with my classmates, and I felt good about my graduate thesis and the research I was able to do. In the last meeting my mentor said “my job is to open door for you” that’s touchy for me.


My stay in China helped me to know how to catch a fish, instead to giving me the fish this is true way of evolution to my life. I would say a moment of triumph, culmination of years hard work and a moment of celebration of my life that I have spent here.


This Article is from the website of Chinese University of Mining and Technology

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