Nepalese International Student in China Donate Blood Twice in Less Than a Year: Taking Action to Assist Chinese Friends

On December 27th, Xie Dongfeng (谢东峰), a Nepalese international student at Tianjin University, donated blood on the street, receiving a “blood donation certificate.” The blood center issued a voluntary blood donation card for his altruistic contribution. It is reported that this is Xie Dongfeng’s second blood donation in China in over six months of studying here, marking his 18th voluntary blood donation in life. He stated, “I hope to help Chinese friends in need through my actions.”

In recent days, persistent rain and snow, coupled with a precipitous drop in temperature and a high incidence of respiratory system diseases, have significantly reduced the number of group blood donations and street blood donors in Tianjin. Simultaneously, the cold weather has led to an increase in patients with cardiovascular diseases and accidents such as fractures due to ice and snow, resulting in a high demand for blood in clinical settings. The blood supply faces severe difficulties and challenges.

“Xie Dongfeng enrolled in March this year, and upon arrival, he proactively contacted us, inquiring about the locations and procedures for blood donation. In less than a month, he completed his first voluntary blood donation in China,” said Zhao Zhipeng, a professor at the International Education Institute of Tianjin University. For Xie Dongfeng, regular voluntary blood donation not only helps others but also contributes to the development of scientific and reasonable dietary and lifestyle habits for the blood donor. It is a “kindness movement” worth persisting in for the benefit of oneself and others.

“In Nepal, we have a slogan – ‘Donating blood is saving lives,'” said Xie Dongfeng, who comes from Nepal and is an architect dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage. In March of this year, he came to China to pursue a doctoral degree at the School of Architecture, Tianjin University, with the aim of applying his knowledge to the research and preservation of the ancient Silk Road trade corridor in Nepal. Xie Dongfeng has been donating blood voluntarily since the age of 19 under the organization of the Nepalese Red Cross. “Love knows no borders, and in the future, I will continue voluntary blood donation in China. I also hope that my trajectory of studying and living at Tianjin University can become a bridge to enhance friendship between the people of Nepal and China!” Xie Dongfeng expressed.

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