ScholarshipChina Successfully Hosts Study in China Salon

On the 29th of November, this Wednesday, ScholarshipChina successfully organised a Study in China Salon.

A remarkable number of 20 international students and agents from various countries including Indonesia, Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Central African Republic and Sudan, who are studying or doing business in China, actively participated in the event.

During the salon, participants visited the ScholarshipChina office and learnt how to search and apply for scholarship programmes on our website

We also introduced the latest Chinese language courses, CSC programmes and the popular 2024 intake programmes.

ScholarshipChina also had in-depth discussions with the participating students and agents.

Some of these early arrivals also shared their experiences in China, their views on China, etc.

Want to know the real experience of studying in China? Want to learn more about student life in China?

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Our company was established in 2013.

With 10 years development, ScholarshipChina cooperates with 800+ Chinese universities and colleges. There are 5000+ users of ScholarshipChina website. We apply for 2000+ students every year.

Now ScholarshipChina has become the largest application platform in the study-in-China market.

Before the start of the salon, our CEO Rose gave a captivating speech, setting the stage for an informative and engaging event.

She warmly welcomed all the attendees and expressed her gratitude for their presence at the salon.

As a frontrunner in the field of studying in China, Rose is dedicated to promoting China’s education system and extending a warm invitation to international students worldwide.

We welcome all international friends to join ScholarshipChina Network!

Consultants Arina and Tracey introduced Scholarshipchina to everyone, emphasizing our policies, products, and how to join us.

They also discussed our educational exhibitions(EGPC).

Furthermore, they addressed common questions regarding studying abroad in China.

A lively discussion ensued among the participants.

ScholarshipChina consultants also offered their suggestions and guidance.

ScholarshipChina hopes that help you to bulid a better life.

If you are looking for a study in China chance or want to join study in China network, don’t hesitate to come to us!

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