A Namibian’s Monologue —— Tell the story about China

“By chance, i learned of Chinese medical teams dispatched to Namibia. The story of Chinese medical teams overcoming obstacles and working side by side with Namibians through difficult times really inspired me to follow my dream.”

     —— Fiina Fransiska Hamalwa

After the consequence, the thought of studying medicine in china began to take root in Fiina’s heart. This notion grew stronger as she learned more about Chinese modern medical technology.

Since then, Fiina started to study Chinese. She took part in foreign student exams, and explored the Chinese culture. Finally, in 2020, she got the chance and now study clinical medical in China’s Medical University.

She said, studying in China as a medical student is the greatest opportunity. Her horizons have been broadened in china. Every time Fiina see china’s cutting-edge technology, she can’t help but think about how helpful it would be if the people in Namibia could make use of the knowledge they have learned in China to help develop our country.

In 2018, China and Namibia signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in jointly building the “Belt and Road”, and Namibia officially joined the “Belt and Road” circle of friends. Fiina said that through the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” project, China has created many job opportunities for Namibia. For example, the Namibia Capital International Airport Highway is also under construction. “I believe that by joining the Belt and Road Initiative, Namibia is accelerating its development.”

The experience of studying medicine in Xuzhou made Fiina more determined to become a doctor. After graduation, she wants to return to Namibia, bring the knowledge and advanced technology she learned in China back to her hometown, and use modern medicine to help more patients there. She also wanted to tell the young people of Namibia, “China is a country worth knowing more about, and by encouraging them to study in China and cooperate with China, our lives will become better and better.

This article is copied by 现代快报.

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