Study in Shandong University of Science and Technology

Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST) is a key construction university in Shandong Province, China, offering multidisciplinary education in engineering, sciences, management, literature, law, economics, and education. SDUST has three campuses, located in Qingdao, Tai’an, and Jinan, covering a total area of 243 hectares.

The university offers 19 academic colleges, nine directly-affiliated departments, four academies, and one independent college. There are nine centers for postdoctoral studies, 43 doctoral programs, 127 master’s programs, and 83 undergraduate programs.

SDUST has a strong research focus and has established a cooperative relationship with 112 higher learning institutions and research institutes in 23 countries and regions. The university offers various international student programs, including a pre-undergraduate program, undergraduate programs, and scholarships.

The College of International Exchange at SDUST is responsible for the education of international students and promotes international cooperative education programs. The college has a variety of campus activities for international students, including a New Year’s party, Graduation Party, Chinese Language Proficiency Competition, Photography Contest, and sports.

International students at SDUST have achieved outstanding results in various competitions at a national and provincial level. The university provides international students with various scholarships, including the China Government Scholarship, Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship, SDUST Scholarship, Scholarship of SDUST Board of Trustees, Enterprise Scholarship, etc.

SDUST has a diverse and internationalized campus culture, with faculty members playing leading roles in various international academic institutions. The university’s graduates have been well received by enterprises and have achieved success in their careers.

Overall, SDUST is a reputable and innovative university that offers students a solid academic foundation, cutting-edge research opportunities, and international exposure. Its diverse and inclusive campus culture makes it an ideal choice for international students seeking a high-quality education in China.

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